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How to Upgrade your old Christmas Decor...for cheap

I had some old galvanized metal Christmas bells from a few years back that I knew wouldn't fit in with my decor, but I didn't want to just get rid of them either.

My quick, affordable fix; Rub 'N Buff!

There are a few different shades to chose from when purchasing Rub 'N Buff, but European Gold is my absolute favorite! It's the perfect antique brass color that blends with the rest of my decor perfectly!

Tips for using Rub N' Buff

  • A little bit goes a LONG way

  • No need to purchase brushes, a cloth works perfectly

  • Nail polish remover will remove any that gets on your hands

  • It can become addicting!

Check out the before and after of my bells!

After this quick little project, I found some old Christmas tree's that also had galvanized containers that I decided to upgrade as well!..... I told you, it becomes addicting!


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