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New Home, New Insta Handle, New Blog..

When you're scrolling social media, do you ever see homes that look PERFECT? Like they must have cost a fortune to style. Do they make you feel like you could never have a home that looks THAT amazing?

This is where I can help!

I share affordable, quality home decor, furniture, and everything else in between. My husband and I have also been known to tackle a few DIY's to save a dollar. I truly believe you don't have to have designer pieces to create and beautiful, elevated, and cozy home.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I originally started a little over 2 years ago as WestTex Farmhouse. This is where my husband and I shared lots of DIY's, while we tried to create a custom home for us out of the builder grade house we owned. But it just never felt right. So we decided on a new build in 2021 (maybe not the best time to build due to the effects that C*vid has had). After about a year of building, we are all moved in and settled into a home that fells more like "us".

I wanted a fresh start in a new home, so I changed my instagram handle to CozyOnCottonCreek as well. It has been so fun sharing and creating inspo for others. But I felt as though I needed another creative outlet. So here we are! I decided to start a new blog! Here is where I hope to connect and share a little bit more of my life on Cotton Creek.


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